What can be done about my under eye area? (Photo)

Hi there, I'm 20 years old. I never used to have dark circles. I've had them for about a year now. No amount of sleep or water changes them. I get plenty of both and still see no difference. No amount of makeup covers them up. I'm not sure whether its because of my tear trough or some other reason. Either way, they are really taking a toll on my confidence, i look tired all the time - I don't look like i'm 20. Is there anything that i can do about them?

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What can be done about my under eye area?

Hello and thanks for posting your photos.
It looks like your cheek bones and the bones in the under eye area ( eye socket rim) are shrinking. Due to this volume loss your under eye area looks more concave and hence darker ( due to the skin not being stretched any more). Your solution is to get an experienced person to inject dermal fillers in the under eye and cheek areas. It will provide additional volume and stretch the skin, improving the look and minimise the dark circles.
Since the filler lasts for 12 months you will have a good period to evaluate the outcome. If you want a more permanent solution you can try facial implants. But only after you have had fillers first.
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Improved Eyelids

Thank you for your pictures.  Fillers can help but thoughtful fat grafting can help the contour and my improve the skin quality.

Dr. ES

Dark circles under eye in young male.

Dark circles under eye in young male if due to pigment use hydroquinone and if due to concavity with shadow then filler. Juvederm or Voluma. 

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