Has my muscle repair failed? 5 months post TT (Photo)

Surgeon has agreed that I need revision soon to remove more fat from flanks ( one side particularly) but when I suck abdomen in it goes flat, otherwise it is now protruding out? Has my muscle repair laxed? Or would liposuction alone rectify this? It is overhanging my trousers etc & causing great distress. Advice pls on best way forward with my revision?

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Failed muscle repair?

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Hello, your PS would be able to determine if you have a recurrent diastasis (gap between the abdominal muscles leading to a bulge).  However, based just on a photo the contour appears normal; even very slim people may see some projection of their abdomen when they relax the muscles.


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No, it is highly unlikely that your muscle repair failed. You probably just need to work on your muscle tone. I would try pilates or some other form of exercise that works on the "core". Best, Dr. Nazarian

Has my tummy tuck muscle repair failed?

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Many thanks for posting your question

I doubt that your abdominal muscle repair (plication) has failed, but it is more likely that you need to work on your abdominal muscles to improve their tone. I usually recommend Pilates, as it is a good exercise for abdominal wall support and core muscle tone generally.

Good luck


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It is unlikely that the repair has failed. The protrusion of your abdomen is contributed by 2 aspects of the abdominal muscles, position and tone. The surgeon can correct the abnormal position(separation) by stitching the muscle back in the midline. He or she can't improve the tone of the muscle itself as that would depend on you doing core abdominal exercises. If your muscle repair had failed and separated again, you would not be able to flatten your abdomen when you suck in.

Chien C. Kat, FRCS
Birmingham Plastic Surgeon
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Failure of muscle repair after tummy tuck?

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It is difficult to assess if your muscle repair has failed or not. It looks pretty good to me. An in person examination is essential. I think you have a very good results. Additional liposuction can certainly help.

It is imperative that you seek the advice of a plastic surgeon who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and has extensive experience in tummy tuck/abdominoplasty.

I wish you the best.

Dr. Gabbay.

Muscle repair failed?

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I do not think you had a failure in your repair but it would be best to let your PS examine you and see what your options are.  You are already thin and may benefit from abdominal exercises at this point.  Good luck!

Recurrent Diastasis

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This question is best asked and answered by your PS or a second opinion after a physical exam. It is possible that your muscle repair was not done tight enough, but it would be unlikely that the repair failed at 5 months. Repeat muscle tightening can be performed if needed. It does not appear from pictures alone that liposuction would give your abdominal result an improvement. I would recommend you discuss these issues with your surgeon. 

Best of luck!

Has my muscle repair failed? 5 months post TT.

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From your photos I don't believe there has been a failure of your muscle repair.   When a patient "sucks their abdomen in" it will appear flatter even if a good muscle repair has been performed.  If you want to see a better contour at rest, tummy exercises that concentrate on the rectus abdominus muscles will further improve your result.  At 5 months post op it, should be safe to do these exercises, but check with your surgeon. Best wishes, Dr. Lepore. 

Has my muscle repair failed? 5 months post TT

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It is normal to have some laxity when the muscles are relaxed. The liposuction may provide additional contouring but this is hard to answer without an in person exam. Best to get a second surgical opinion if you are unsure of proceeding with liposuction alone. Good luck!

TT expectations

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Thanks for your post. Everyone has a bit more laxity of the abdominal wall at rest vs. actively tightening ("sucking in"). You appear to have an excellent result. Liposuction alone would not likely help change this very much, and I really doubt it would be worthwhile undergoing another surgery to revise this. The best advice will come from your own surgeon, though. Best wishes.

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