Best method for tattoo removal (black)?

Hi, I have a small black tattoo (about 9cm x 6cm) on my upper arm and am looking to have it removed. I am 34 and had it done aged 17. I have been for a PicoWay consultation and they are confident that they can get rid of the tattoo. I've read lots about Q Switched as another option but unsure how effective. Money is not a problem I would just like the tattoo removed completely so am looking for the most effective option. Which option is better? Are there other more effective options? Thanks

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Best method for tattoo removal (black)?

Hello, thank you for your question.  The PicoWay laser that you speak about is the latest technology in laser tattoo removal.  This technology can usually remove a tattoo in about half as many treatments as the Q-switched device. Both devices are perfectly capable to remove a black tattoo. Usually, if a facility has pico-second technology, they probably have other devices as well, it's always good to have a back-up, especially when it comes to colored tattoos. Different colors respond to different wavelengths.

Good Luck!

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Black tattoo removal

Fortunately, this is the easiest color to remove. The Picoway is a great laser because it has the correct wavelength of 1064 to treat this. Pico will give faster clearance than QS laser. 

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