Will a mastopexy (lollipop) uplift lessen any possible breast deformity following capsulectomy explant of old implants? (Photos)

Would having an uplift at the same time as a capsulectomy/explant preclude possible breast deformities that I've seen images of when the breast implants were originally placed under the chest wall. I've seen many explant images only, but not so many photos where the implant has been removed via capsulectomy with uplift at the same time before and after photos? I've no children, am 59 yrs with 25 yr old silicone implants. Original size 34c now 34DD or 36 D. Thank you

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Breast shape after implant removal

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Based on your pictures you seem to have a significant amount of natural breast tissue. As such, I often ask patients to consider holding off on performing a breast lift at the same time as removal. Yes there may be a second surgery but my patients and I are often very pleasantly surprised how much the breast recovers and "lifts" on its own once the implants are out. Many times you do not even need a lift and if you do the end result is usually more predictable. Ask your surgeon. 


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Good plan to remove implants and uplift but make sure you see some before and after photos

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Hello Panther,

If your implants are removed, then your breasts do tend to droop further, so would be reasonable to have an uplift at the same time to improve the shape.  It would be important to have a consultation with a plastic surgeon to go over what is involved, but in principle it sounds like a good plan.

BAPRAS and BAAPS have websites with lists of surgeons in the UK so you can find one close to you and ask them to show you before and after photographs of some of their cases.  Look for someone with FRCS(Plast) after their name.  I have included a link to my new book which goes over what to look out for when choosing a plastic surgeon.  Good luck.


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Hello and thank you for your question. Following an explant a lift can be performed in order to improve the shape of the breast. Your surgeon should be able to determine what is possible. 

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Theodore T. Nyame MD 

Harvard-Trained Plastic Surgeon

Theodore Nyame, MD
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