I have lumps and white spots on the upper lip after Juvederm injection. Is this normal? (photo)

Hello, In June 2014 I had lip augmentation performed with Juvaderm Vobella (just top lip). During the procedure I had a bleeding on the left side and noticed assymetry (left side bigger). It has been 2 months and my lips got smaller and lumpy. I can also see white spots in the injection site. I would be grateful for information how can I correct the problem. I attached photos before and after. Thank you for all your help

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Noticeable asymmetry should be assessed by your injector

Noticeable asymmetry should be assessed by your injector to evaluate adding or dissolving product. Lumps and white spots to your lips can be excess filler and can be dissolved after a consultation with your injector. 

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Hyaluronidase for Leftover Filler

The white lumps you are experiencing are leftover filler, they can be dissolved with hyaluronidase by your injector.

Bumps in lips after Juvederm

What you are experiencing is lumps of filler left behind because the Juvederm Vobella was put in in a bolus technique. You can have the lumps removed with hyaluronidase. The whiteness is the actual color of the filler showing through the skin because it is too shallow.

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Lumps after Juvederm Lip Augmentation - 2 months, not normal

The Juvederm needs to be dissolved with hyaluronidase.  I use cannulas for this.  I also use cannulas for the initial injection and get few side effects and less bumps because I'm deeper.  

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