Follow-up Question - Have I lost projection forever since changing location of my Implants?

Can't post pictures, last time I posted on here I got very uncomfortable man messaging me on you tube about my 'boob job' Anyway I KNOW I am early post op & will get told the same but I am struggling with reassurance. Pre op 300cc HP round SubG placement. Perfect projection for my frame. Post op 375cc Tear SubM but I feel very flat chested happy with chest position don't feel too high at all. But lots of loose empty skin in the left lower breast massive concern. Worried about final appearance

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Changing from round high projection implants to tear drop shaped implants will decrease your superior pole projection.  Also, placing the implant under the muscle tends to disguise the implant a little more.  If you feel you still have loose skin in the lower pole, I would wait until they settle.  But after years with implants, you may also need a lift ultimately.

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