How long should I wait after round block mammoplasty to get back to an intense flexibility training routine? (Photo)

I recently got a large fibroadenoma (located on my left breast, armpit side) removed. The surgeon decided to perform a round block mammoplasty to fill in the gap left by the removal of the lump. Three weeks later he told me I could now resume to my usual sportive activities. However, I do pole dancing as well as flexibility training (including backbends, stretching the chest area). I'm therefore wondering if I should wait longer to get back to such an intense training and if so, how long?

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Play it safe. Wait another three weeks

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Your surgeon probably feels safe to let you resume all the activity based on your healing. He probably is correct.. However additional time off to heal more solidly will not hurt you.   

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Vigorous Activity after Breast Surgery

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Hi Gaellej,

Thanks for your question and photos. I would wait for a full six week as that is how long the scar process takes to make your scar strong enough to tolerate whatever you do to it. At 3 weeks the scar is about 35% strong and make stretch or tear if you over do it, but again it depends on what kind of stretching you are doing. Removing your adenoma did not affect the muscle but you will need to let your breast scar on the inside before stressing it my opinion. Good Luck!

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Intense physical activity

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Thanks for your inquiry and intense physical activity that involves the chest muscles can cause more injuries to the breast than cardio activity like jogging, etc.  Please clarify your activity requests with your plastic surgeon.  

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