How long does it take for sculptra particles to be absorbed? Are granuloma a permanent side effect?

I have heard some horrendous reviews and disturbing pictures as a result of side effect to Sculptra. I was recommended Sculptra for an atrophic nostril scar and am very scared about these complications. Can the body permanent encapsulate these foreign particles? Is it true Granulomas can occur at the later stage after years? Does the massage rule for 5 days stop granuloma or simply nodules?

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Sculptra for nostril scar?

I don't believe Sculptra is the right filler for the nostril scar. It is very hard to get precision with because it is mostly water when injected. If you want to see how it looks with filler for about a 9 month duration, I'd use an HA. If you are comfortable with a long term filler, Bellafill is the answer. Granulomas with Sculptra a rare these days using sterile technique and the larger dilution of 9cc. The current theory I accept regarding granulomas are they are related to biofilm, a delayed infection. I don't think all injectors are as cautious as they should be with using sterile technique. Massaging decreases the rate of nodules from Sculptra, which is related to clumping of product and is not related to granuloma reduction. Granulomas are inflamed, tender areas, whereas nodules are nonpainful, not swollen, bumps.

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