How long does fat graft to labia majora last? Is it permanent?

I have a botched labiaplasty and a need to reduce my clitoral hood and probably need clitoropexy too- however my question is, as well as these procedures I feel my labia majora needs more fat. There's barely any fat there and the labia just feel empty. I want a fat graft to my labia majora but my question is how long does this last? Is it permanent? Also what are the causes of fat free labia majora? I've always had labia like this. Could it be because I'm quite slim? Thanks

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How long does fat graft to labia majora last? Is it permanent?

Thank you for sharing your question and I am sorry that your labiaplasty results were not what you anticipated.  I agree that a revision of your procedure can help achieve improved symmetry between your right and left sides while a clitoral hood reduction will help create a smoother, more tapered appearance.  Though nothing replaces an in-person examination it appears that you do have little fat beneath your labia majora but that you also have some excess skin as well.  Fat grafting and/or skin excision can leave you with a tighter and more full appearance.  Though some of the fat graft material transferred will not survive, the fat that does is permanent and will change just like the other fat in your body - grow with weight gain and shrink with weight loss.  Hope this helps.

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Fat grafting to the labia majora

The loss of fat volume is a normal part of the aging process. If you are lean, it is more noticeable. Fat injected into the labia majora will restore the lost volume. However, fat is not a perfect filler. When injected into the body anywhere, a portion of the inj.ected fat will dissolve and a portion will remain permanently. If too much fat dissolves, more than one session of fat injection may be needed to achieve the desired effect

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