Are there any London clinics that offer large volume lipo to the tummy region? Urgent request! Looking to have this done ASAP.

I'm 23, never had kids. I've been wanting Lipo to the abdomen region for a while but I'm a little overwhelmed with the choice of clinics in London. I have a rather large and out of proportion soft tummy that extends forwards. Although I am overweight, most of my weight is focused in this area. This wouldn't be a case of just removing a small pocket of fat. What's the most fat that safely can be removed in this area? Do any London clinics offer lipo that would make a significant improvement?

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Chances of fat being intra abdominal

Hi. Thanks for your question. I think it will really help if you can share photos. Grasp the skin on your tummy. Do not pinch any muscle, just the skin and fat with the use of your thumb and index finger. Measure the thickness of the pinched skin with a ruler. This thickness is indicative of the amount of superficial or subcutaneous fat and is the only fat that can be removed with liposuction. If it is visceral, the deep fat that surrounds organs in the abdomen, it is not ideal to liposuction it out. I am not sure about the US, but you can find very cost effective options for weight loss programs and liposuction in India. Please meet a board certified surgeon to advice you appropriately. 

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