Which liposuction technique/method is best to extract fat for fat transfer breast augmentation?

I was wondering which lipsuction techniques are most reliable to get the highest average amount of surviving fat cells, so that when a fat transfer breast augmentation procedure is done there's the best possibility to have a good amount of retained fat and volume. Also, on average how much fat usually survives with and without the use of brava?

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Fat grafting to the breast

This was a heavy topic of discussion at a meeting I recently spoke at in South America.  All in all there are several effective ways to harvest and process fat.  There is are different thoughts about the re-injection of fat.I have gone away from using small cannula to re-inject fat to avoid uneven distribution of the fat because there may be instances where the fat doesn't travel smoothly through the syringe resulting in the injector using more force than is necessary at times.  This will lead to an unexpected larger injection of fat into a specific area.  This can lead to clumping and fat necrosis, cyst formation etc.I have varied my technique because of this.

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