Is it safe to do liposculpture to my back, sides and tummy?

I am 10 months post tummy tuck but my tummy still fat I have tried exercising but no improvement is it safe to do liposculpture to my back sides and tummy as I still did not get that hour glass figure I wanted

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Liposculpture Helpful After Tummy Tuck

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After 10 months, you should have healed sufficiently to continue sculpting your body to your ideal shape. Liposculpture can reshape your stomach to be flatter and even more etched, if you wish. It can also create more of the pinched-waist look you desire. Please consult a board-certified dermatologist to be evaluated for liposculpture.

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Liposculpture after tummy tuck

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Yes absolutely safe!  Ten months after a tummy tuck doing additional liposuction is probably more common than plastic surgeons like to admit.  I would try to avoid all non-core plastic surgery providers at this point though.

Even though, dermatologists, facial plastic surgeons and other cosmetic doctors offer liposuction, in my opinion, a board certified plastic surgeon who does both tummy tucks and liposuction is your safest approach.  There are specific issues that can arise in the early phases after tummy tucks that can be easily prevented.  Best Wishes!!


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In general, at 10 months post op it is safe to have Liposculpture on the areas you mentioned as long as you are at your ideal body weight.  Discuss this with your operating surgeon.

Robert E. Zaworski, MD
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Is it safe to do liposculpture to my back, sides and tummy?

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Hello dear, thanks for your post and provided information as well.

After 10 month it is safe, because the body had enough time to recover. And after a tummy tuck doing the liposculpture you will get a better result. Always remembering that you need good hemoglobin levels and being hydrate. I recommend to make an appointment with a board certified plastic surgeon to talk about your goals and concerns.

Good Luck.

Tania Medina de Garcia, MD
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