Do I need a three layer cartilage graft to support the tip of my nose?

Went to a surgeon in Thailand, made sure he was experienced and I liked his results, however I think his methods are a bit dated. I now have three layer cartilage graft which he says is required to support the tip of my nose because I have thick skin. Are there other ways of supporting the nasal tip which do not result in me having a large and lumpy nasal tip? My nasal tip was not drooping before the operation, could a less thick graft be used to support it? How do you support patient's tips?

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Do I need a three layer cartilage graft to support my tip?

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Thank you for your question.
Tip grafts help give definition to the nasal tip. Support to the tip comes in the form of columella strut grafts, sutures to the medial crura, dome and lateral crura, and strut grafts.
My advice would be that you consult with a Plastic Surgeon who performs rhinoplasty ona regular basis.Kind regards.

Layered tip grafts

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Tip grafts do not support the tip but can give it definition. You would need a strut graft and suturing techniques to improve the support but you really need to see a qualified rhinoplasty surgeon in your area to get accurate information about the right technique for you. 

Tip Grafts

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Tip Grafts do not support the tip, columella struts, septal extension grafts, septal sutures, and other method can be used to support the tip.  Tip grafts are really to give shape to the tip.  I no longer use stacked tip grafts as they tend to look unnatural, instead I now use diced cartilage, with tip suture techniques. 

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