Is large amount of Pink discharge normal after 13 days post op? I've had BA and lift (Photos)

13 day post op I've had a large amount of fluid come out of my right breast. This was a replacement implant from my 1st op in march because i got an infection, implant removed. Spat deep layer stitches 4wks& fistula appeared 1day b4 op. This time no problems apart from a little swollen today it gushed with pink fluid. There is no pain. I was sent home with a drain for 5days&antibiotics because I was draining over 30 ml in 24hrs. Left breast was lifted too. No problems in either surgery.

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Drainage after surgery

Your surgeon is in the best position to advise you.  Contact your surgeon to arrange a review.      

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Breast Drainage

With the photographs provided, it appears as if you may have a hematoma (blood) on the right side that is the cause of your drainage. I suggest you call your surgeon to discuss the issue. Good luck!

Eric E. Wegener, MD
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