Had Labiaplasty yesterday - swelling and bleeding from sutures. Am I looking normal? (photo)

I had Labiaplasty yesterday and I'm slightly concerned about how I'm looking at the moment. I'm not in pain but there is fresh blood coming from the stitches and a particularly bloody area in a lump on one side (as shown in photo). I am also swollen and looking a bit blue towards the bottom and uneven. Can you please advise me as to whether or not I am looking normal at this stage? I have a check up in 7 days time but I am really anxious and just want to make sure everything is looking normal.

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Labiaplasty swelling and bleeding

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Thank you for your question and photo.  Overall swelling is normal for the first 3-5 days after the procedure.  Bleeding is not common.  You may have some slight spotting for the first 12 hours but should not have any heavy bleeding.  If this occurs, you should contact your surgeon.  

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Swelling after Labiaplasty

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Any time prior to a few months is too soon to expect edema to resolve, worry that it will not or know your final result. Labia often swell quickly and asymmetrically early on for the first 2-3 days and varies widely from patient to patient. Pain is variable from patient to patient. Sitz baths in warm water though good for cleaning and possible infection prevention can cause increased swelling. It can last several weeks to months and vary from day to day if you overdo it, eat a salty meal. Things you can try for early edema resolution: Low salt diet, arnica, bromelain, Ibuprofen. You should have a good idea of your final appearance by 3 months. I tell my patients, for most you are 85% of the way to your final result in about 3 months the rest takes up to a year.

Bleeding after labiaplasty

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Thank you for your question. Labiaplasty swelling can be very intense, especially if accompanied by bruising or hematoma. The labial tissue can expand quite a bit compared to other areas of the body, and it is not uncommon for one side to swell more than the other.  Since you are actively bleeding, I would recommend that you apply gentle but firm pressure to the labia and have someone take you to your surgeon's office to be evaluated for persistent bleeding.

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Swelling and bleeding from sutures one day after labiaplasty.

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You may have a little more swelling than normal following your labiaplasty but I think in two weeks you will be happy with the result.

Post op swelling with Labiaplasty

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While it is difficult to tell for sure from your picture, I think everything looks normal.  I do beg you to please call your surgeon and check in with them.  I would be horrified if my patients were looking to strangers on realself to answer an immediate post op concern.  In the time it takes to load a picture, you can call your surgeon or their answering service and have a call back long before any of our answers are posted on realself.  Your surgeon wants to hear from you.  Please call them! 

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