Is this labiaplasty recovery okay for 3 days? Extensive swelling and bruising (Photos)

I had a wedge style labiaplasty on Tuesday (3 days ago) - no clit hood or labia major procedures. My body is prone to inflammation but this seems extreme. I cannot recognise the inner labia! Is the bruising on the labia major okay? Does it look like it's going to heal okay? I'm still feeling dizzy if I stand up too long around the house. I've been keeping the area elevated, using (covered) ice-packs, gently pouring tepid tap water over the area and used an antibiotic cream twice.

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Bilateral hematomas after wedge labiaplasty are definitely not OK

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Go see your surgeon immediately. You have bilateral hematomas - bleeding beneath the skin. If they get larger, the scars may rip apart. Dizziness can be due to many things, but all of these need to be checked immediately by your surgeon. Cream will do nothing for this.

Is this labiaplasty recovery okay for 3 days? Extensive swelling and bruising

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Thank you for sharing your question and photographs.  Though swelling to these tissues is common due to their thin nature, this is extreme for a labiaplasty.  Though much of the tissue only seems swollen it would be wise to rule out any substantial hematomas that may be present to your minora and majora in an in-person exam with your surgeon.  The link below gives you additional useful information at clearing your bruises.

Nelson Castillo, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Labiaplasty: Don't Hesitate To Contact Your Surgeon

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Assessing your outcome based on photographs can be challenging.  However, in general, swelling can distort the anatomy, which may take several months to resolve and assess the final outcome.  I instruct my patients not to hesitate to contact me if they have any questions or concerns with the healing process.  Patients should address any concerns directly with the surgeon that performed the operation.   I wish you the best.


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There is a lot bruising and swelling no matter what post op day you are at.   I would certainly have your physician take a look at it as soon as possible.  Please continue to ice in the meantime and try minimize the amount of activity so not to irritate the area.

Is this labiaplasty recovery okay for 3 days? = follow up with your surgeon #labiaplasty #vaginalrejuvenation

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Labiaplasty, like any other cosmetic surgery, is associated with complication risks like bruising, hematoma (blood accumulation) , infection, etc.Patients with questions and concerns about their labiaplasty recovery (eg. excessive sweeping, significant bruising) should consult their surgeon to determine next step in management. 

John Mesa, MD
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