Labiaplasty - open wound! Will it eventually heal on its own? (Photo)

So I am now 18 days post op, I noticed about a week ago that this area had opened. Does it look like it will eventually heal on its own or would it more likely require a trip back to my surgeon for stitches? I live quite far so I hope this is not the case! Or do you think I could dry out the area and apply steri strips to close the wound and help it heal quicker? Thank you.

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See your surgeon

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Most post-labiaplasty wounds heal. In order to maximize the outcome of your surgery however you should see your surgeon and get his or her help in wound care and planning.

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Open wound after labiaplasty

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Most small open wounds will heal without surgery. The photos are difficult to interpret so you are best off going back to your surgeon for in person exam and advice. Best wishes. 

Labiaplasty - open wound! Will it eventually heal on its own?

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Thank you for sharing your question and photographs and I am sorry to hear of your wound separation.  I would definitely reach out to your surgeon to inform him of what has taken place so that they can advise you on appropriate wound care.  In general these superficial incision separations will heal on their own with little difficulty and with little effect on your long term results. Best wishes.

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It appears that you had internal continuous suturing that has loosened. This is not completely clear from the fuzzy photo, but if this is the case, you need to see your surgeon asap. Do-it-yourself manipulations based on your internet-only info and "training" is useless and dangerous. Don't apply anything or do anything to the scars on your own.

Incisional separation after labiaplasty

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It is not uncommon for superficial openings to occur along the suture line after labiaplasty. It is difficult to tell the degree of separation from the images. A superficial separation with proper treatment will typically heal nicely. This may include a topical prescription and a visit to your surgeon is your best option to ensure proper treatment at this point. Until you see them, warm water baths and avoiding soaps, creams and lotions should help to soothe the area. Best of luck. 


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I would suggest that you contact your surgeon immediately to inform him/her of your healing progress.  Its important for out-of-town patients to have good communications with their surgeons to avoid unnecessary complications. Your incision will most likely heal on its own however be sure to keep it clean and dry to avoid infection. 

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