Does Invisalign work on upper front teeth? (photos)

I've looked up Invisalign and have seen some effective results on crowded teeth. However I'm unsure if it would be right for me considering the angle at which they're bent... would Invisalign leave me with some kind of gap because of their shape? Would any teeth need to be removed in order to straigten them out? I'm not overly converned about my bottom teeth and would like to avoid treatment on these if possible. Any idea roughly of length of treatment? Please help! Thanks in advance!

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Invisalign will work

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Invisalign would work great.  Your central incisors are "Bell Shaped" and you will have triangular spaces that will be created when you straighten them with Invisalign or conventional braces.  It is possible to reshape the proximal surfaces somewhat to minimize this, but you will still likely have some triangular spaces near the gumline.  This will be much more aesthetic than the current condition of your smile and I recommend you visit an experienced dentist or orthodontist for a consultation.

You appear to be a good invisalign candidate.

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From looking at your photos, you appear to be a good candidate for Invisalign.  Regarding the shape of your teeth, your treatment would most likely involve changing the shape of your teeth that would create the space to align the teeth as well as make the shape more ideal so no gaps remain and the teeth stay straight.

John McDonald, DMD
Salem Orthodontist

Does Invisalign work on upper crowded front teeth?

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Invisalign can correct your problem and would be an excellent choice.  Treatment time should be less than one year.

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