Invisalign tray not fitting correctly.

I am on tray 9 of 58 on Invisalign and due to move to tray 10 but when I put it in the top right side is loose, so much so it hangs down off my back two teeth, will this be a manufacturing fault? should I wear it or stick with 9 till I can contact my ortho on Monday?

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Tray is loose

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Wearing the old tray for few more days is never a bad idea. It is not unusual for the tray to not sit all the way for the first few days, which usually settles in after. You doctor also probably gave you special things to chew on which help engage the tray more. You should certainly ask your dentist what he wants you to do

New York Orthodontist

Invisalign tray not fitting correctly

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We normally do not see too many invisalign fit issues that early in treatment.  If one side is loose, put the trays in and use the chewies that your dentist provided your with,  In a few hours the trays should stay up and you should be able to proceed normally. 

Leonard Tau, DMD
Philadelphia Dentist
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