Should implants sit attached to the cheats wall? (photos)

I had 295cc textured, teardrops over the muscle 9 weeks ago. It's hard to explain but should my implants be attached to my chest wall? For example when I lean forward my implant comes away from my chest wall and sags down into my breast and I could easily slip a finger behind the implant. When my breasts are pushed up high I could slip a finger under the top of the implant too. Is this normal? Really wish I had gone partial under the muscles because they feel so vivid at the top :(

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Breast augmentation

There are pluses and minuses to implant position, just like everything in life. The implant isn't firmly attached to the chest wall and it isn't supposed to be firmly attached. It is an implant and will never be exactly the same as a native breast. You have picked up on some of the differences. You have a very nice result. I congratulate your surgeon and you on this result.

Milwaukee Plastic Surgeon
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Implant adherence

The amount of attachment between an implant varies between individuals and is also affected by the type of implant used.  There are potential limitations with putting implants under the muscle, as well as putting it on top.  In the main, soft mobile breasts are a good thing.Your surgeon should be able to give you more details about the implants used.

Douglas McGeorge, MBChB
Liverpool Plastic Surgeon
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