Will my implants be palpable?

I am booked to receive subfascular implants in a few months. I am currently a 34b UK (Perhaps full 34A American?) and would like to be perhaps 1 - 1.5 cup sizes larger aprox. I am most concerned about NEW sexual partners being able to tell that I have implants, before I am ready to tell them. My doctor reassures me that my implants will not be palpable, and will seem completely natural. Is this true?

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Will my implants be palpable?

Many thanks for your question.

A good rule of thumb is that if you can feel your ribs down the side of your breast, then you will be able to feel (palpate) a breast implant. 

Modern implants are soft and can feel very realistic, however I would be very cautious in assuming that they will never be palpable.

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Natural breast implants

Dear justpoppedup,

It is certainly possible to get a natural result which looks normal, and contrary to popular belief, this is what the majority of patients ask for (in my practice at least).  

It is difficult to guarantee that the implants will not be palpable as this depends on your body type and the type of implant that you choose and so I do not think we will be able to reassure here, but your doctor has reassured you and you should have trust in your doctor.  If you do not have trust in your doctor, then seek a second opinion.  Look for a plastic surgeon with FRCS(Plast) after their name - there will be a list of surgeons in your area on the BAPRAS and BAAPS websites. Good luck.

Will your implants be palpable?

Hi there and thanks so much for your question.
I understand completely your concerns, as many woman ask this question.
The main aim of plastic surgery is always to produce a natural result.
With subfacial placement of implants it's important to have enough of your own breast tissue and subcutaneous fat in order to camouflage and conceal the implant.
If you feel that you do not have enough tissue - and this is often the case, you could discuss with your surgeon the option of placing the implant behind the pectoral muscle. Sub pectoral placement provides the best coverage in slim girls.
Good luck and best wishes
Dr Rebecca Wyten

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Will my breast implants be palpable?

Submuscular breast implants which are in proper position soft and freely movable without capsular contraction or firmness can feel almost normal.  It is important that they're be adequate normal breast tissue and muscle covering the implant.  However saline implants can often be noticeable.  In addition if the implants are not soft and freely movable they are detectable.  If you have an ideal result under the muscle there is a good chance they will not be palpable unless  one is specifically examining you for their presince.

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