Have one of my implants bottomed out? Is this correctable? I recently posted this, I've now added more images (Photos)

I had 400cc high profile silicone breast implants placed under the muscle in Aug 2015. I recently noticed my breasts had become very asymetrical so booked a poa. I was practically thrown out the door after 5 minutes with no answers or reassurance. My surgeon said he couldn't see the issue, if he showed my breasts to another surgeon they would think they were fine. Any answers would be really appreciated, It's become a very emotional time for me as I just feel completely left in the dark.

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Difficult to say

It is hard to say whether it has bottomed out of the other side has not yet settled. Each breast individually looks good but the side that hasn't settled looks like it needs to settle. 

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Bottoming out of implants - can it be fixed?

Many thanks for posting your question. From your pictures it does appear that one of your breasts has bottomed out - i.e. the implant has lowered below its desired position.

This can be addressed but means more surgery (usually a day case procedure that takes around 40-minutes). I would suggest trying to speak to your plastic surgeon, but if they are not able to help you, then you would need to see an alternative surgeon.

I hope this is of some help - goo luck 

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