If you have the implant under the muscle and need another op further down the line, can you go under the muscle again?

I have not read this anywhere online. I am 35 32A and looking at approx 250cc. My surgeon says if I can only go under the muscle once and with my age it's likely that I will need another op sometimes in the future when I could go under the muscle then when my skin is thinner etc. Is this correct? Can I only go under the muscle one time?

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It is fine to keep the implants in the same plane when replacing them.

Dear amcfarlane,

Your surgeon is right in saying that you may need another operation in the future and this is something to consider.  

However, when changing implants, it is perfectly reasonable to keep them in the same plane, so if you have implants put under the muscle now, it will be fine to have them replaced with implants under the muscle.

Make sure your surgeon is a fully trained plastic surgeon by looking for the letters FRCS(Plast) after his or her name.  The plastic surgery associations BAAPS and BAPRAS have a list of members.  Good luck.

Implants under the muscle once only -is it true?

I am sorry that information is not right.You can change implants as many time as you like with in the same pocket or in fornt of muscle if that is needed at some other time.
May be seek second opnionn from some exclusinve breast surgeorn.
Wish you all the best.

Breast augmentation

That is not true. You can have multiple sets of implants exchanged
into the same pocket. You might want to look for another surgeon with more experience.
Good luck

Gregory Sexton, MD
Columbia Plastic Surgeon
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