4 weeks post op from tummy tuck and lipo I have swelling and pain on right side of scar. (photos)

I went to my nurse yesterday with regard to this problem, they told me that the right side scar is very tight and that the internal stitches are causing this, they are so painful unless I'm sitting, she has told me that if they haven't eased by another 2 weeks I should go back, they are so painful and are making me very grumpy

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Swelling and pain after tummy tuck surgery...

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Your photograph demonstrates mild redness (difficult to evaluate accurately on photograph) along an area of the incision line;  this redness along with "swelling and pain" would be concerning for possible infection.  Given your concerns, I would suggest that you follow up with your plastic surgeon, earlier than already scheduled if necessary, for good assessment, advice, and/or meaningful reassurance. Best wishes.

Rucking post-abdominoplasty

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Thank you for your question

Ruckling within the scar following abdominoplasty is very common and should settle down over time. 

Your surgeon has done this to avoid extending your scar and to minimise dog ear formation

Please be reassured that this will settle but do speak to your surgeon and discuss in person

Good luck with your recovery

Best wishes

Paul Banwell (London)

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