I had six lower veneers. A seventh was done about three weeks later. Why are they different shades?

The six look grey,the one done later looks the colour it should. Why is this how do they fix thesix.

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I recommend doing all of your veneers at the same time to prevent this issue. Despite using the same material, the custom nature of porcelain makes it difficult to match them perfectly when done at different times. That being said, it is possible to match veneers made at a later date. This usually requires more appointments for try ins and is not uncommon that the new veneers have to be sent back to the lab a time or two. I hope this helps.  Follow me for more questions and answers.

Why I have different color for my porcelain veneer done at different time?

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It is highly advisable to get all dental veneers required to be done at one time. For some reason if you do need additional veneers to be placed adjacent to the veneer placed before do not expect the exact match!
Depending on the type of porcelain used, such as feldspathic which is powder and liquid, the amounts used can vary slightly, hence will give you slightly different shade and color.
The other possibility is that if the original tooth is darker than adjacent teeth, since you are adding 1/2 mm porcelain on the tooth, the underlying core color can show thru. We call it a show thru phenomenon.
In these cases prior to bonding the veneer, your good cosmetic dentist must predict that, and have custom work done by the lab technician to exactly match the color you desire. Of course there is more cost to the dentist and you, but the extra cost is well worth it, so you be happy.
Usually for any replacement of single front tooth with veneer, or a dental crown, this is a must with an expert cosmetic dentist.

Porcelain veneers should be done at the same time

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Despite using the same lab and the same material, porcelain won't match PERFECTLY in color if done at later dates.  There are many factors, metamerism being a big one, but due to the custom nature of materials we can not get a perfect match.  Just like bolts of fabric for sewing, sections of carpet for flooring, etc, anything done at a different date won't be perfect.

This most commonly comes up when people want 8-10 veneers, but only 1-2 per year.  This might make it more affordable, using dental benefits more than once, but the result is rarely satisfying.  They won't be WAY off, but can be noticeable.

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