Breast Augmentation: I have teardrop implants have they moved as my breast look a funny shape (photo)

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Possible Implant Rotation

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It is quite hard to judge exactly what has happened with your left breast implant just by the photographs provided. I encourgae you to make a follow-up appointment with your board certified palstic surgeon for a proper evaulation. Good luck!

Breast Augmentation: I have teardrop implants have they moved as my breast look a funny shape

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Hello dear, thanks for your question and provided information as well, make your surgeon have a look at your breasts to see what happened, and if you would need another surgery. Implants can rotate, this is caused by where the implant is located and the way the pocket is made.

Has my teardrop moved?

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Thanks for your question and the photos. It is hard to say without an examination but I suspect they have shifted. If teardrops don't stick internally they can rotate over time. I tend to favor round implants because if they rotate no one will know, let alone care. Silicone round implants take on a teardrop shape too. I am sorry you are having any concerns. I suspect there are some adjustments in your future. Please check in with your PS

Shaped implants do rotate

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Thanks for the photo and I'm sorry this has happened to you. I have a research paper being published which does show that about 27% of shaped implants to rotate although most of the time you can't tell that they have moved. With the way your breast looks, I recommend seeing your surgeon to get advice on what to do next. You may require an additional surgery to rotate the implant back into the correct orientation. Best of luck.

~Dr. Sieber

Implant Rotation Is Possible

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Thanks for your question. It's difficult to diagnose you based on photos alone, but it is possible that one or both of your implants have rotated, which would account for the "funny shape" you describe. The best way to determine what's going on is to go back to the surgeon who performed your procedure. A thorough physical examination is the best way to determine what has happened — as well as how to correct it. Best of luck to you.

Tear drop implants and shifting

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Thank you for your question and photos.

It is not possible for me to tell you for sure if the implants have moved without an in person exam but your appearance could certainly be from implant rotation.  Your plastic surgeon would be the best to examine you and determine the integrity and position of the implants.  I am sure they will have a mutual interest to ensure the best appearance for you and recommend a reasonable course of action.  It also doesn't hurt to see another board certified plastic surgeon following if you have any doubt on your plastic surgeon's advice.

Best Dr. L

Andre Levesque, MD
Austin Plastic Surgeon

Tear drop Implant

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Hi there,

I think you are right.The implants have rotated or changed original position.For this very reason I hardly use this as my choice.

I stay with most of the times with round implants

I am sure some surgeon will fix it for you

Breast Augmentation: I have teardrop implants have they moved as my breast look a funny shape

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Thank you for sharing your question and photographs.  Based on the appearance of your breasts it does seem that your teardrop implants have rotated into an incorrect position.  Teardrop implants require precise implant pocket dissection to avoid this possible complication.  See your surgeon for an in-person evaluation and discussion of treatment options. 

Implant Rotation

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Thank you for your question and photos. It certainly appears as though your implants may have rotated internally. I recommend that you have a physical examination to verify this.

All the best

Breast augmentation

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The left one does have a different shape. It is possible that the implant has shifted. I recommend that you go back to see your surgeon.

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