I have slight breathing difficulty on the left after Septorhino. Would outfracture of left side help? (photos)

Spreader grafts and columellar strut from my septum used. When I touch base of left bone, I feel a step, but it is less than 1 mm and smaller posteriorly. I sometimes feel congested on left side and feel a bit pressure there. Is it due to the left nasal bone is slightly in? I wonder if breathing would be resolved with an outfracture as described in the sketch. Can this be done with external perforation approach and without any other major intervention, so that recovery and risks are minimized?

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Fracture to help breathing?

Thanks for your question. This is, unfortunately, too complicated an area to answer without a consultation, history and detailed examination. A fracture on its own can be performed without disturbing the rest of the nose but it is highly unlikely to change your breathing, for the better or worse. You haven't said how long it is since your surgery but my advice would be to see your original surgeon and discuss the matter in depth. Best of luck.

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