I have a very light skin with very dark and fine hair on my face. What is the best laser hair removal method for me?

6 months ago I've finished my laser sessions on my face using soprano-ice machine (9 sessions) however, since i've finished my sessions it's only gotten worse even the areas where I never used to have hairs at for example my cheeks. I have fine but dark hairs all over my cheeks and chin and i have a very light skin tone. Now I am confused on whether I should be doing laser again. If yes, which machine is the most suitable for my skin type and hair? My age is 20, some people say i may be too young for it.

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Paradoxical hair growth post laser hair removal.

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A good machine is always essential and Soprano Ice is one of the best. Nevertheless, the operator has to inform the patient of what can be expected. Fine hair on the face is difficult to treat. First any medical cause for hair growth needs to be assessed and excluded. The Soprano ICE uses both alexandrite and diode lasers to remove hairs. Paradoxical hair growth (hair where you didn't have before) is commonly seen with inexperienced technicians and sometimes can not be avoided. There are techniques to reduce this risk. Many clinics use the Alexandrite laser as it is quicker to perform, however, for your skin type and your issues a diode should be used. It is still important to say that laser hair removal on the face can never be guaranteed. Therefore, I would encourage you seek out a reputable laser clinic who offers top up sessions and understands what I have mentioned.

Laser Hair Removal for Facial Hair

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A light skin tone with dark hair is the ideal combination for successful treatment, however there are other factors to consider. First, I am unsure if you are male or female - if you are female and have not already, I would suggest a medical evaluation as to what may be causing hair growth on the face. It is possible that an underlying medical issue is causing this, which would make laser hair removal ineffective. Second, it is important to mention that fine hair, particularly on the face, is more difficult to treat than other areas. I am not familiar with the laser used or the experience of those who performed the treatments on you so I cannot judge whether this is a good choice for you or not. I can tell you that at my practice, we use the GentleMax Pro with incredible success, including treating facial hair. In regards to your age, the effectiveness would not have anything to do with age, we certainly perform this treatment on people even younger.

Dennis Gross, MD
New York Dermatologist
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