I hit my head 14 days post operation and had some bleeding, please can I have your views on the damage? (photos)

Hello I am 14 days post op. All the scabs are gone and the recipient area has been healing well. Today I hit my head on the edge of a rock and grazed my head, I was wearing a cap and this lessened the damage but there was some blood coming out of the wound. A few hairs came out, these did not have bulbs and looked like hairs I have been shedding post op (sharp hair with no bulb). The wound isn't deep and is a graze on the surface. Please can someone help me determine how bad this damage is?

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Bleeding on head 14 days after surgery

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You reported bleeding on your head 14 days after surgery fro trauma. I doubt that any significant damage is done if all of the crusts were off when the trauma occurred. I wrote a paper on this

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Injury at 2 Weeks

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You should see your doctor. It probably is ok if it was just a surface wound but the only way to know for sure is to either see your doctor in person or wait and see if there is normal growth there in a year.

Sean Behnam, MD
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Head Trauma following surgery

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Trauma following 14 days of surgery should not lead to much of a damage but the best will be to get it ezmained from the doctor who operated upon you.

Kapil Dua, MBBS, MS
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It is unfortunate you had an accident. You should get your wounds checked by your doctor.

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It is unfortunate you had an accident.  You should get your wounds checked by your doctor.   One cannot gauge how bad your wounds are with photos.

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the best way to determine the amount of damage to your scalp is to have an in person evaluation, best to be done with the surgeon who performed your procedure. You want to make sure you are having good wound care to that area to prevent infection. Since you were already shedding hair shafts from the procedure it may be impossible to tell if it will affect your final growth. 

Rae Lynne Kinler, MD
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This could be ok

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since it is far out from the procedure and you may only have some thinning in that area. 

Remember to go in for follow ups if any concerns because not all transplants result in growth.

Rashid M. Rashid, PhD, MD
Houston Dermatologist

Hit my head 14 days after hair transplant.

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I'm sorry but its really hard to tell if you lost the grafts.  Its a waiting game at this point, and nothing you can do.  Please clean the wound and ensure that it doesn't get infected.

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