I would like to know how I can fix my uneven columella ? (photos)

I would like to know what procedure would fix my uneven columella. Would be grateful of any advice that can be given in getting a procedure done as even though to other people it's not that noticeable I do want to fix it.

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Uneven columella

The prominent cartilage is either the leading edge of the septum, or the medial crus of the right lower lateral cartilage, either of which should be relatively easy to correct. I would, however, caution against seeing anyone other than an experienced rhinoplasty specialist, though you should be able to find one in your area relatively easily. Best of luck

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Fixing an uneven columella

Thank you for the question and the photo.  The part of the columella that you have shown is either from the septum or from the lower lateral cartilage on the right.  Either way, it appears to be a relatively easy fix that may be done under local anesthesia or with some IV sedation.  I would seek consultation with several board certified plastic surgeons in your community and get some options for correcting the issue.
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Dr. Remus Repta

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I would like to know how to properly fix my uneven columella

Thank you for your question.
It is quite difficult to say for sure what is not right with your columella because of the size of the picture you have provided. 
You will need  to provide a full face and profile photo of yourself to allow for proper analysis of your face.

Ivo Gwanmesia, FRCS(Plast)
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