I feel so strongly about having a rhinoplasty, do you think I'd get the result I want? (Photo)

My major concern is when I smile I feel as though the tip kind of hooks over from the side and elongates and it goes very wide looking front on just the thought puts me off smiling or laughing without covering my mouth/nose area. The ratio from the top of the bridge to tip of my nose just seems small to large! I don't mind my nose as such when I have no expression just prefer it on a smaller scale if that was possibly. What would you suggest?

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Hooked Nose - Rhinoplasty Can Help

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I looked carefully at your photos and your captions. Before I discuss rhinoplasty, I must first encourage you to not label yourself (and the view from the front) as "horrible." You have beautiful features and it is a disservice to yourself to think of yourself this way! That said, I have seen many noses with your configuration, and the features you dislike can be corrected. It is important to keep a nose looking natural, so I would suggest that a conservative rhinoplasty be performed. If you can not find a board certified plastic surgeon in your area who specializes in rhinoplasty, many of us can arrange for phone consultations. 

Will benefit from Rhinoplasty

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Hi. You need a reduction in nose length. Tongue in groove technique will enable reduction in nose length as well as elevate nasal tip. You will also need a mild hump correction. Will you able to send mebottom view of the nose so that we can advice the corrections needed in that view, if any. 

Possible Rhinoplasty result

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Aside from the little hump, your nose also appears quite long and on side profile, your nose-lip-angle looks acute, giving the impression of a droopy tip. Rotating your tip upwards conservatively and releasing your depressor septi muscle will correct your concern.

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Rhinoplasty options

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It is very difficult to give you any kind of detail without meeting you, taking a full history, examining you and, most importantly, taking a 3-D image of you to fully analyse your nose. I have found the imaging to be extremely valuable and I would suggest you try and make an appointment with a reputable rhinoplasty surgeon in your area, who can offer this type of service. This is really the only way you can be sure you are going to get the result you are looking for. Best of luck.

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