I have had a fat graft in the cheeks, the surgeon overfilled the area extremely, and too low in the face. Any suggestions?

I have had a fat graft in the cheeks, the surgeon overfilled the area extremely, and too low in the face. He tried using a dilute steroid injection but this did not do anything.I am a year post op and I look horrible, my cheeks look so abnormal and I can tell people notice that I look so weird. This has made me so depressed. I am 25 and don't want to have depression forever so I need to remove the fat from my cheeks but I don't know who to go to. I will travel to have this removed if I must.

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Too much fat grafted to cheeks

Do not despair - this problem can be fixed, but it will likely require some type of surgery to remove the fat - either liposuction or direct removal via an incision. I would visit with a Board Certified plastic surgeon to see what your options are and which would be best for you. 

Minneapolis Plastic Surgeon
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FAT transfer to the face - complications

Fat transfer in the cheeks doesn't last symmetrically!

We need to make a facial analysis with palpation to notice the right position of the fat lumps and decide the treatment, subcision, aspiration, compression, and rarely incisions.

But after a reshaping in needed with the SVF in deep layers.

Roger Amar, MD
London Plastic Surgeon
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Fat Transfer and overfilling

This is a great question.  This is a great procedure and the fat transferred lives as fat tin the new place.  Kennalog will not dissolve this fat and can cause serious problems in the long run.  I have treated patients such as yourself conservatively and then some have needed a facelift to remove the fat.  The goal of any treatment is to restore the proportions of your face to its natural beauty.  The cheeks need to be higher and the loser face slimmer. It's all about the proportions of the face. I always add Fat transfer to my facelift patients and the results are amazing. Good luck

Walton Montegut, MD
Newport Beach Physician
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Fat graft removal

This is becoming a common problem.

The first attempt should be with micro-liposuction. Sometimes the fat graft is fibrosed and can not be liposuctioned. Then the only alternative is to approach it through a facelift incision and remove and sculpt the face.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon
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