I had Endymed on my face and need a top up but how many?

I had Endymed on my face 14 months ago with great results l want a top up, how many should l have one, three ? The information on the website is a bit vague ?

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Endymed treatment offer long term results

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Hi, it's great to hear you had great results with Endymed's facial skin tightening treatment.  It is usually advisable to have a second  course of  treatment after 12-18 months. Another great option is using the Newa skin rejuvenation home device that is based on the same RF technology. 

Israel Dermatologist

EndyMed Maintenance Treatments

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The top up treatments depend upon the number of initial treatments you received and the reason behind your treatments.  Typically Dr. Ebrahim offers 4 treatments approximately 4 weeks apart and then maintenance twice a year to maintain your results . 


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Dear Rich

One of the best machines I ever used, we have developed a protocol of doing just one top up treatment every 9 months and that works very well.

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