I had Dysport 3 days ago, will it start smoothing middle of forehead and spread to above eyebrows on either side of head?(photo)

I had dysport 3 days ago can see 11 starting to smooth out but when raise eyebrows still deep wrinkles above eyebrows either side of forehead and high up on forehead. I'm worried it's not going to spread across fore head and at minute it looks very strange.

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Too Early...

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Dysport and Botox will show their maximum effect around 2 weeks. I'm glad it's already starting to work, but you have to give it a little more time for full effects. Best, Dr. ALDO :)

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Dysport takes 2 - 3 days to start seeing results and 14 days for full results to take effect. If you only had Dysport for your 11s you may require more product to the rest of your concerned areas. Be sure you always see a board certified plastic surgeon for best results. You are always welcome in Montreal.

Dysport can take up to 2 weeks for full effect

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Dysport and other neuromodulators can take up to 2 weeks for full effect.  If the strange creasing continues, it is possible that you would need additional units injected into the forehead.  Give it a little more time and set up a follow up appointment.

Kyle Coleman, MD
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Dysport result

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Hello, and thanks for your question and photo. It is still a little early to assess your final result. If you're still not pleased after 2 weeks, you may need a little more Dysport, especially higher in the forehead. In order to determine the best treatment plan for you, I recommend an in-person consultation with an expert. Best of luck, Dr. Frucht.    

Corey Frucht, MD, PhD
Santa Barbara Dermatologic Surgeon
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