I had a deep phenol peel and fat transfer to my lip 8 weeks ago, why is it so tight? (photo)

Why is my lips so tight?I can't smile, seems to get even tighter throughout the day, will it get better in time,my nose to mouth area is still so red and irritable it's 8 weeks and no change. I seem to dehydrate too, like there is a circulation problem.My doctor is nice and tells me to be more patient.please advise.

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For patients considering these procedures, I would recommend doing the deep phenol peel first. By two weeks exactly, makeup can be applied, swelling is gone, and the pink will resolve in a few months. The longer you are pink, the tighter the result as a general rule.
Deep Phenol just around the mouth runs the risk of donut ring mouth. The color, tightness, and texture does not match the rest of the face.  We always do the entire face.  
If lip enhancement is needed, we wait until the phenol peel has fully healed to assess how much, and where to fill for precision results.
We have come to these conclusions after 34 years of trial and error.
This swelling is most likely due to the fat.  Ask your surgeon if a steroid dose pack may help

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