I am 7 days post op open tip rhinoplasty and had a nose bleed for 15 minutes?

7 days post op from open rip rhino. Yesterday (day 6) I started to pick my nose bad. I just couldn't stand the crust and debris anymore so I had a good 24hour pick it seemed fine. I did notice a which come out. My nose started to bleed at 5.50am for 15 minutes and I'm so scared now. I've made a packed with myself not to touch my nose again but is the damage already done ? I am seeing my surgeon tomorrow for removal of the cast so I will tell him about the bleed

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I am 7 days post rhinoplasty and had a bleed

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Thank you for your question.It seems like you already know the cause of the nose bleed. You have been picking your nose and that probably is the cause of the nose bleed. Best to avoid picking your nose. Crusts can be easily removed by using saline sprays.Kind regards.

Nose bleed after picking

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Thanks for your question. It's very normal for mild nose bleeds to occur after rhinoplasty especially if scabs/crusts are removed. It is not a big deal and no damage is done. If the crusting is bothering you, try washing your nose with salt water. Your surgeon will at your nose to make sure but don't worry about the small bleed. Good luck

Jeffrey Jumaily, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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You are going through a normal stage, please do not pick your nose very often.

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You are going through a normal stage, please do not pick your nose very often. if your doctor gave you some medication please follow the directions. You don't have to be panic, just wait a little to see your doctor. Get well soon

Guncel Ozturk, MD
Istanbul Plastic Surgeon
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