I want to know how likely the columella is to be straightened out during corrective surgeries? (Photos)

Suffering breathing problems persist (approx 80-90% right nasal passage obstruction). I am looking at having a private rhino-septoplasty to address this issue, and cosmetically to decrease the dorsal hump. I also want to know whether the procedures mentioned could be completed using a closed method, and whether this would effect the outcome. I would like to avoid an external nasal scar if possible.

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Recommendations to Correct Nasal Deformity and Airway Obstruction

Thanks for you post and photos. It is common to have combined corrective nasal surgery for nasal obstruction and improvement of nasal appearance. Form and function often go hand in hand. Crooked noses however are especially difficult to correct and generally require advanced rhinoplasty techniques that, in my view, are best achieved via an open approach. At the very least you will require cartilage spreader grafts, columellar strut grafts and possible alar batten grafts, along with other modifications for an enhanced masculine improvement and dorsal hump reduction. I feel the the benefits of an open approach in your case far out weigh the almost negligible risk of a tiny external incision. Best wishes. 

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