I have a chipped tooth and I was wondering if it needs filing or bonding

I've got a chipped tooth and I was wondering if it could be fixed by filing or bonding. It stops me from smiling as I find it uncomfortable to show my damaged tooth.

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Chipped front tooth, what to do?

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Visit a top dentist, preferably a cosmetic dentist to bond your chipped tooth!Since this is the front tooth, color matching and shape matching is important, so make sure you choose your dentist wisely for consult and having this cosmetic dental treatment done.If you want to close the space between your front teeth, you can also do that in the same visit.

Bonding front tooth chip

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The terms "bonding" and "filling" are the same thing.  Bonding is used more to describe a filling done on the front teeth for cosmetic purposes.  
That being said, your chipped tooth should be good case for bonding to repair the chip.  

David M. Schertzer, DDS
Saint Louis Dentist

Bonding or filling for a cupped tooth

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From your photo, it appears that it is a small chip on the edge of your front tooth.  Bonding can give a good, long lasting result, but it must be extended onto enamel beyond the chip to make it strong and resistant to breaking.  To do this and make it invisible requires a skilled and experienced dentist.  This will not require any filing or drilling of your tooth.  It is a great conservative procedure to restore your smile and self confidence.

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