I had blephoplasty 3 months ago and have small cysts along the scars - my surgeon says they will go - is this true? (Photos)

The lumps are mainly on the upper eye and feel slightly sore to the touch and tight come evening time.

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Cysts from Upper Blepharoplasty

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Thank you for your question, looking at the pictures of your eyes, this can be part of the healing process from Upper Eyelid Surgery, and can be the scar tissue forming.  Please do gentle massage with moisturiser (any kind) a few times of day. If these cysts still appear and are not subsiding (these are unlike to resolve by themselves), the tiny cysts which have formed, this maybe due to your skin just being very sensitive and therefore reacting, can be removed.  The procedure is very minor and straightforward, he will inject a small amount of local anaesthetic, and cutting the cysts out, it will only take approximately 20 minutes. 

Please revisit your surgeon for a follow up appointment, they should be able to revise for you

All The Best 

Postoperative scar complications

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These small lumps can occur after blepharoplasty although its very unusual to have such an extensive line these cysts. They can be do to internal dissolving sutures or sometimes just the way the skin has ben sutured. If you are 3 months out you may get some improvement, but this is unlikely to resolve. If you are not happy, ask your surgeon to revise this for you. It should be quote straightforward to excise the scar line and re-suture using low risk techniques.


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Thank you for your question. Bruising is a common part of the recovery from blepharoplasty. One way to help alleviate the bruising and associated discomfort is to use a washcloth soaked in ice water or even better, a bag of frozen peas. I suggest that you consult with a board certified facial plastic surgeon.Best wishes,

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Melbourne Facial Plastic Surgeon
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