Hooked/Droopy Nose - Impact Injuries. (photos)

It's difficult to know the natural shape of my nose because it's received a number of heavy blows, growing up, one in 2009, and just last November a ball smashed it from the ground/1st impact was on the nostrils which caused a lot of blood loss. I'm 25. I also have a deviated septum (some breathing issues during intense sports), and a crooked/droopy tip which doesn't fit my face. I just want a straight (still masculine nose) that doesn't project from my face so much. Any advice appreciated.

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Droopy nose

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It is difficult to give you specific advice and the best idea for you is to seek a full consultation with an experience specialist rhinoplasty surgeon, preferably one that can offer 3-D imaging as part of the assessment. I have found this to be extremely useful in giving patients a clear idea about what is achievable and would urge you to find someone in your area who can offer this. Best of luck

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