Who would you highly recommend in the UK for primary rhinoplasty?

I am based in Essex but I am willing to travel far if needed to see the best surgeon available. Price isn't an issue, I just want a very reputable surgeon I can trust that is in the UK. Can any of you recommend who you would consider to be the best? I want my hump removed, tip defined and my nostrils slightly reduced.

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Best rhinoplasty in the uk

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 For obvious reasons, it is a little difficult to give a completely unbiased opinion on this! What I would say is that you should make sure that your surgeon has a specialist interest in rhinoplasty and performs at least 100 procedures a year to have any confidence in their experience. In addition, you should feel comfortable talking to them and feel that there is a good rapport between you. You need to feel that you have accurately conveyed to your concerns and have confirmed that they can address them. With regards to travel, rhinoplasty is not an operation that needs intensive post-operative care afterwards. Complications such as bleeding or infection are rare and, as the wounds are small, little is needed by way of dressing or wound care. I would do some research by asking previous patients but I think your greatest weapon is your instinct when you have met the surgeon. You will know if it feels right or not. 

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