When is my hairline going to become normal? (Photos)

After doing some research i came to a conclusion that it maybe hairline maturation. But i have such weird closed corners. It restricts me from having a normal haircut. I always have to have fringes covering my head. i can never show off my hairline as it looks like a hill. My dad recently told me that he kept shaving the corners off with a blade when i was a baby and said that's the reason why. How long would it take to become normal? Can i ever have a normal hair line? is there any procedures?

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Is hair line normal?

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You have a prominent F-T corner and Temporal peak, but it is not abnormal. I would recommend that you visit a great hair stylist. He can recommend some neat styles that will maximize the look you are looking for. Enjoy your hair!


Bernardino A. Arocha, MD

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