What can be done to give me a more aesthetic appearance. Please bare in mind though that fillers migrate on me. (photo)

If you do suggest fillers id just like to say I've tried different fillers ones that are meant to be quite thick and long lasting too. But ultimately What can I do to achieve a more beautiful face? I feel it's unbalanced. That perhaps my top lip is too long and uneven skin. In outside lighting my nose to mouth line is not as tight anymore and wondered if threading could help since I'm most likely too young for a face-lift? Kindest regards for your input

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More aesthetic appearance

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Hello. There are many aesthetic ideals that we physicians attempt to work towards in the cosmetic surgery industry. Looking at your profile, you have commented on the upper lip width. We generally accept that the upper lip width ratio should be in a 1/2 to 2/3 proportion in relation to the chin height. Your chin requires slight elongation and protrusion. This will give you a great profile and will add to your beauty. It is interesting that you mention migration of filler, this rarely happens with the newer cross linked hyaluronic acid products. Please note aesthetic examinations involve physically measuring the face and my advice here is no substitute for an 'in person' examination.

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