Genioplasty & Mentalis Muscle Resuspension. Bimax w/sliding genioplasty to correct type 2 overbite 10 years ago (photos)

Genioplasty & Mentalis Muscle Resuspension. I had a bimax with sliding genioplasty to correct a type 2 overbite 10 years ago.

My lip incompetence has worsened where I have to strain my lips to close them and I drool. I expressed my concerns to a Max Fac surgeon of the lip incompetence and asymmetric chin (the right hand side is more advance than the left) hence when I talk my lower lip is off centre. He recommended finding a specialist who can do both a sliding genioplasty and mentalis muscle resuspension to correct the chin ptosis to correct the asymmetry and lip incompetence. Can anyone offer advice and has experience?

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Chin correction

Your perspective is reasonable. You seem to 'want' an increase in the height of the 'chin' area and an associated change in the muscle/lower lip position. It is more difficult to achieve when a previous surgery and fixation devices are present, but certainly possible. The original growth pattern is 'low angle' and increasing the face height in the chin area is typically part of the orthodontic and surgical plan.

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