Front teeth cracked by the root neck (Photo)

When i was playing i got injured on my face and my right upper tooth was wobbly. So i went to dentist to see if the teeth can be saved without extracting. She did a xtray and suggesting me to take it off as it cracked inside the gumline (Pls see the pic). Is there anything else can be done to save it. Im bit worried as it my front teeth

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Cracked tooth

Because of the position of the fracture, the fragment of the tooth will be lost. A couple of alternatives are a root canal with crown lengthening, but my suggestion would be to remove the tooth and place an implant which will be a better alternative with a better prognosis.

Fractured lateral incisor

It is possible to remove the upper part of the fractured tooth and orthodontically extrude the root so that it could then have a post and core build up and a crown. This is, however, pretty heroic dentistry and it might not have the best prognosis. In the 21st century, an implant and a crown is a pretty successful option to consider.

I hope this has been helpful.

Douglas Jopling,  DDS
Dall,as Texas area

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