Would one Fraxel Dual session be enough to reduce these sun damaged hands? (Photo)

My dermatologist suggested a single Fraxel Dual using 1550nm erbium glass wavelength and 1927 wavelength for pigmentation. Would one be enough for the fine lines and texture? Or would I need to do a series? I read that wrinkle improvement is only 15-30% with MULTIPLE Fraxel Dual which is expensive and dissappointing. It has been 2 months since the painful sunburn. I have used daily sunscreen and continuous moisturisation on my hands but it has still left me with unsettling looking hands.

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Individual results may vary

The degree of improvement varies between individuals, factors such as skin health, general health, age and genetics play a role. Also the METHOD of treatment plays an important part- the depth- power, number of passes, and the percentage coverage will need to be considered. 

As a general rule, I always advice patients that they would require a series of treatments for extra facial areas. Personally, if lines and wrinkles is your concern I would use the FRAXEL RE:Pair, but if spots and dots are your concern, the mix between 1550 and 1927 is a good combo. 

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