What can be done to fix this mess? (Photo)

Had rhinoplasty done 10 months ago and had bad result. So many people ask me did I get my nose done and why did my surgeon do it so badly. I have indents in the tip and it is so flat to my face no shape atall...nothing what I wanted or asked for. Please advise me on what can be done to fix it? Will I ever have the nose I want now? I can't live with it like this

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Revision rhinoplasty

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It would be helpful to see your preop photos as well. If you go to get it revised, having old photos, and the operative report would be helpful.

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Revision Rhinoplasty

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Thanks for your question and I am sorry you have had a poor experience following your rhinoplasty. The limited photos provided show some significant problems particularly with the tip of the nose. 10 months have passed since your first operation and I don't think there will be much improvement with time so it is reasonable to start exploring your options at this stage. You should seek out an experienced revision rhinoplasty surgeon and when you have your consultation you need to bring pre and post-op pictures as well as copies of your operation notes from the first operation as these will greatly assist in the assessment of your current problem. You are legally entitled to copies of your medical records from the previous treating doctor and, at most, there should only be a minimal photocopying charge for the copies. Revisionary rhinoplasty surgery is often more difficult than primary surgery as there is scarring and frequently a loss of normal tissue from the first operation. Your surgeon should be able to describe what is needed, most probably structural cartilage grafts and possibly fascial grafts as well. The surgeon should also be able to go through some imaging studies to show what is possible but most importantly advise you of the limitations and risks involved as well as the potential benefits. Choose your surgeon carefully. Best of luck

Tip Revision

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In general, it takes about a year for you to see final results.  It would be helpful to compare your before preoperative photos to further assess your result.  Be sure to follow up with your surgeon and ask your questions since and get he/she knows your nose the best, or perhaps seek a second opinion.  From what I can tell it appears you may need the tip of your nose revised.

Julie Edween, DO
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You may need a small revision to improve the tip. The dorsum seems fine but you may have an imbalance with the end of the nose. You need to see your surgeon for advice. Or get a second opinion. 

What can be done to fix this mess?

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Without seeing comparable preoperative photos it is impossible to make any assessment concerning what was done. You will need tip grafting. Talk to your surgeon first. 

Curtis Perry, MD
Downey Facial Plastic Surgeon
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