What fillers and skin treatment, if any, could help improve deep wrinkles and hollow cheek? (Photo)

One of my cheeks has a lot more wrinkles and lines the other and a hollow area too. Would fillers work to fill out the area of wrinkles and plump up the skin and also for the hollow. Are there any skin treatments which may also help? I am a little apprehensive about laser? Or is a facelift the only realistic alternative? Thank you, all advice appreciated.

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Treatment Solutions for Hollow Cheeks and Deep Wrinkles

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Dear windy8:

Looking at your photos, I would recommend reflation of your cheeks with a filler like Voluma and using chemical peels and/or lasers to soften some of your deep wrinkles as well as using maintenance topical retinols.  Wishing you treatment success.


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Hi there, a good option for you may be Sculptra, it's a collagen stimulator and an expert injector can do a bit more on the side that has more hollows for you. Typically 2-3 treatment of 1-2 vials each are needed. For topical skincare I would recommend the Obagi Nu Derm line. Best results would be from doing the Sculptra and the topical creams.

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