Would fillers in my cheeks help lift this sagging skin? Or can you suggest a non surgical procedure that would? (Photo)

Sagging skin on jaw. What can be done to improve this, none surgical please

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Mid face volume loss

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Hi Stacy, the sagging skin you have indicated can be helped in a number of effective ways. We can divide these into Direct and Indirect Methods. Here are a few you could consider, leaving out the more invasive ones you wish to avoid. Direct: HIFU and RF Skin tightening eg. 3D Lipomed and others, Micro-needling, IPL/Laser rejuvenation; Threadlift e.g. Silhouette Soft, PDO-Lift. These are some techniques which would aim to use heat and friction to stimulate collagen production in the loose tissues and gradually (read slowly) provide some lift. In the case of the threads, the support is literal and results are more immediate.Indirect: Dermal fillers to correct the mid face volume loss you demonstrate in the pictures. In essence this is providing lift and support from above. You would do well to explore a combined approach using both direct and indirect methods. An individual consultation with an experienced aesthetic practitioner is essential and make sure to see some examples of their past work and reviews.

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