Fat transfer to buttocks or implants? (Photo)

Could u please tell me if the shape of the buttocks in the picture has been created by fat transfer or implants. If it's implants then is it possible to create similar shape with fat transfer?

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Buttock fat transfer or implants

It is nearly impossible to tell whether implants or fat grafting (or anything surgical) was done to the person in this photo. Buttock augmentation either with implants or fat grafting will not always result in the same shaped buttocks as in this photo. A lot of your eventual shape depends on your underlying bone/muscle structure. Fat grafting can give quite dramatic results in the buttocks as long as you have enough fat to "donate" to this new site.

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Fat transfer is your best option

Fat transfer can produce a very nice buttocks.  The implants are ok but fat is your best choice.     Talk to several doctors and get an idea of recommendations.    My Best,  Dr Commons

George Commons, MD
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